Top Summer Entertainment 2021!

The sun has started shining and we’re all excited for those longer summer days. It’s not long now till we’re full steam ahead in our summer adventures!

The coronavirus roadmap looks positive and we’re all DESPERATE to have some fun this summer. Whatever happens, we have plenty of socially distanced and non-socially distanced entertainment so we can tailor to whatever the needs at whatever the time. All acts below can be performed at safe social distance. Our covid policy allows free rescheduling if for any reason government guidelines stop your event going ahead. So, without further ado..

Here’s out top summer picks this season!


Meet our incredible dragons Blaze and Blizzard! Just like Yin and Yang, this fiery duo hold the perfect balance of excitement and astoundment. At 3.5 meters long and 2 meters tall, this is a sight to behold! These beautiful creatures are fully mobile, the roam openly throughout events, they bite, they blink and they roar! Perfect for all summer event entertainment, Dragon’s Day event entertainment and much more. Book them as solo creatures or book them together. They come with a guardian character such as a Fairy, a Bone Warrior or an Elf to take them round and encourage interaction and photo opportunities. What more could you want at your summer event?


Next up we’ve got ur beautiful ethereal fairies! These magical creatures are available as fairy stilt walkers, fairy roller skaters, fairy bubble performers or fairy walkabout character actors. We have many different breeds of fairy to choose from! We have our magical Forest Fairies, adorned in fresh green fauna. Then we’ve got our fluttery Flower Fairies Rose, Lavander and Sweet Pea. This flowery trio are covered from head to toe in a ravishing array of flowers and they even smell like flowers too! We also have our Autumnal Fairies which are perfect for end of summer events and even our Frosted Fairies for when we delve into the winter months. Our fairy entertainment acts are perfects for Midsummers Night Dream entertainment, enchanted ball entertainment, fairytale themed entertainment and simply anything magical! Here we really do have the finest fairytale acts in the UK.. In fact, WORLDWIDE!


Every little girl growing up wants to meet a mermaid right? Well now you can.. We have the most realistic, most life-like, most believable mermaids! They really are the real deal. With the highest level of craftsmanship we have created the world’s most genuine mermaid creatures. These magestic maids of the sea swim like real fish and interact just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Perfect for naughtical themed entertainment, fairytale theme entertainment, under the sea themed entertainment and simply as magical mermaid entertainment characters. Don’t have water at your event? Well now we can bring the water to you with our incredible 6000 litre portable tank! Watch our mermaids amaze from the depths of the water..


It’s all about balance and when there’s water there must be fire.. So here we are with our incredible fire shows! Choose from a solo, duo, trio or an even larger show! Incorporating the history of fire from all over the world we have our newest show to present to you.. NEW WORLD FIRE SHOW. Experience history and culture through the art form of fire dancing. Teamed with special effects, pyrotechnics and elements of circus, this show really is different to any other fire show you will ever see. We’ve also got a few secret never-before-seen in the fire world suprises packed in there too to keep you on your toes! Plus, we’ve just done a VERY exciting new promo for this particular show and it will be available to view very soon!

Incorporating all the traditional fire techniques – fire eating, fire breathing, fire poi, fire juggling, fire hula hoops, fire star and topped off with magical effects and pyrotechnics!


ROLL UP.. ROLL UP! Come and see Mr Toad and his Magical Menagerie! Feast your eyes on our jaw-dropping sword swallower, our talented hula hoop artist, our earily bendy contortionist and our dazzling fire twins. This incredibly diverse roaming circus cabaret can either perform their complete cabaret on stage or roam around an open event and do mini shows! You can choose the shows you like – you’re not limited to the skills listed above but there is so much more.. You name it and we can do it! Aerial (stage only), jugglers, acrobats, freakshow artists and more.. Just after some very entertaining interactive characters? Well you can just book Mr Toad, Ratty and Badger.. They certainly will wander around causing a ruckus and terrorizing your guests! This is some truly unique English themed Entertainment, very much inspired by the Wind in the Willows and all their silly nonsense! Book your Wind in the Willows themed entertainment this summer! Perfect for street theatre entertainment, street fayre entertainment, council event entertainment, festival entertainment and more..


No medieval fair is complete without it’s jester entertainers! This troublesome duo are full of fun and naughty tricks. From silly banter, to wild jokes and some also very refined circus skills. Watch them juggle, hula hoop and interact with your guests this summer.. They are also available as stilt walking jesters! Perfect for medieval event entertainment, English heritage event entertainment and more..


Now.. Who needs an excuse to book a robot this year?! Having a space or apocalyptic themed event and need some robot entertainment this summer? Look no further than our fabulous robot collection. Perfect for all kinds of events ranging from freshers week events, summer and winter university balls, graduation balls, summer events and as technology themed entertainment. You don’t need any particular theme for your party to have these bad boys at your event. NioBium our silver robot, has extra impressive lights with different modes and programmable to music. He also has robotic sound effects AND robot dance tunes! SteamBuster our gold robot is also not one to forget, he is the largest of all our robots and makes quite the statement. He towers above all and also has robotic sound effects, the SteamBuster robot is definitely going to capture all your guests attention. Featuring the top robot acts in the UK, let us bring some techy entertainment to you!


Did you know the most magical creature in the forest is.. A faun! Our beautiful faun’s really do look otherworldy! Using Hollywood movie level techniques we have created the most realistic faun themed entertainment. These ethereal creatures really do play the part. Think The Chronicles of Narnia, Carnival Row and Pan’s Labyrinth. Book these fauns if you really want to meet the otherworldy experience. They are a roaming character act on stunning fur creature legs, nothing relating to the human body’s true form. Be immersed in another world with this magical faun entertaiment.. Perfect for all summer event entertainment, fairytale themed entertainment, enchanted ball entertainment, Midsummers Night Dream entertainment, Narnia themed entertainment and more..


Meet Jumbo our gigantic animatronic elephant! Jumbo is one of the biggest of all our creature acts and he stands 2 meters tall and 2 meters wide. Just like the magestic elephants from The Jungle Book, our elephant is strong and proud. He’s fully mobile, he blinks, trunk moves and makes the cutest elephant sounds! Jumbo is perfect for any event where you need an animal themed act. He’s great for jungle event entertainment, world themed acts and also perfect as a sustainability act and as eco-awareness entertainment.

Did you know?..

Jumbo was actually a real elephant in the early 1900s owned by PT Barmnum himself! He was called Jumbo because of his overwhelming size! He worked many years as a circus elephant and was loved by all. Modern day we’ve found a new level of respect for these majestic creatures. As a result, we’ve now found a cruelty free way to remember and experience these fantastic beasts without harming them! Animatronic and puppet based animals are definitely the way forward.

Jumbo also has the option to come as a circus elephant! He come’s with a circus ring master character and in his fantastic show feathers! Enquire for more info..


Last up we’ve got our magical tree stilt walkers. Our enchanting tree duo really are a beautiful sight to look at. If you take a closer look you’ll see such a variety of nature’s gifts. With many different flowers, fruits and types of leaves and vines they really are a piece of art in themselves. You might even spot the feathery inhabitants of these tree spirits. This bewildering duo are fully roaming, incredibly captivating and might even startle a guest or two with their unbelievable ability to camouflage into the surroundings. Our stilt walking trees are perfect as any kind of summer entertainment, especially as a fairytale act, enchanted performers, sustainability themed entertaiment and nature themed entertainment.

Want something you don’t see here? Get in touch! We take commissions and we can make anything you want! We can’t wait to hear from you so get in touch to book your summer entertainment this year!

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