Top Robot Acts for Events

Planning ahead for your next event this year? Well we’ve got some really unique entertainment coming your way! Presenting our robotics collection!

Perfect for space themed event entertainment, futuristic themed event entertainment, robotic entertainment, Tron themed entertainment, Transformer themed entertainment and much more! We find these particular acts to be a really great pick for corporate parties, festival entertainment, fates and everything in-between. Check out our top three below:


This is the biggest and the baddest of all the robots! SteamBuster the Apocobot is a guaranteed pick for maximum impact! You won’t miss this giant robot, no matter how far away from it you are. With robotic sounds, full body motion and a few other tricks top his sleeves, this robot is guaranteed to impress. He is especially suitable for all robot themed events and as apocalypse themed event entertainment.

Super hero themed entertainment
SteamBuster the Apocobot


Next up, we have NioBium! This robot is slightly smaller than Steambuster but he still packs a punch! NioBum has a full body of LEDs and a light up ray gun which makes him an excellent choice for daytime or night time events. He also has realistic robot sounds and full body motion. This robot’s LEDs are fully programme which creates some incredible patterns. All of our robots are FULLY mobile and can roam around your event, creating chaos without limits. Suitable for all ages, this robot is a guaranteed pleaser. All of our robots provide incredible photo opportunity and the highest level of interactivty available on the market.

event robot walkabout
NioBum the Robot


Last but certainly not the least, we have the MoonBots! This futuristic trio have a Tron meets Fifth Element aesthetic, teamed with some impressive LEDs. Perfect for a variety of events, this act gets very up close and personal offering an immersive experience, as with all our acts. This stilt walking robot trio is the most mobile of all our robots, they can go up and down stairs, duck under archways and all sorts! The sidebots (white wigged androids) are available on stilts or on the ground and can create a very authoritative experience for all your part goers. Be prepared to surrender!

NYE acts
The MoonBots

Thanks for reading and let us know what robot you’d like to see next! If you’d like to enquire about any of these robots get in touch via the contacts page. I hope you enjoyed reading about the UK’s most unique robot themed entertainment. Don’t forget, we do work internationally so we fly our robots all over the world!

The team at Valerian Entertainment


We create everything in-house here at Valerian Entertainment. If you’ve got an idea, a theme or a complete vision, we can create it. Get in touch to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and let us make your event sparkle and truly stand out above the rest.

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