Top Roaming and Show event entertainment for 2023

Want to keep up with the latest styles and trends for event entertainment? Well look no further as we have the top 3 best roaming and show acts listed for 2023!

Summer is upon us and the the UK is heating up, people are starting to wake up from hiding and coming out of hibernation. Frolicking into festivals and bringing on the Summer that we have long awaited for. This brings us to our first top entertainment act and its a summer spectacle special…. Our very own Bubble Fairies.

1. Roaming Enchanted Bubble Fairies

Our roaming Bubble performers are a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained in this years sun shine. They roam around bring smiles and fascination to peoples faces. Great entertainment for parties of all ages. These Bubbles Fairies will suit all kinds of events from festivals, to kids parties and even corporate events, as yes adults even love bubbles to!

Our Bubbles performers would usually do up to 3 x 30 minute roaming sets over a 4 hour period, and generally fees for both of our Fairies with there roaming bubbles cart would start from around £700 + VAT for the day. Do not delay as the calendar is looking full already, bring some amazing big bubbles to your event and be sure to entertain your guests.

The Roaming Bubble Fairies – Bubbles performers

2. Circus Shows and Roaming Entertainment

Circus themed events are still in and are as popular as ever. This is an absolute amazing theme for an event. There is just so much entertainment within our circus theme event package, with so many variations. Including roaming, stage acts and full circus show packages. From walkabout Animatronic Elephants, Aerialist acts, Hula Hoop shows, Fire performers and so much more.

With a circus themed event we have different package to suit all styles of events, please check out our different styles of circus event that we usually provide below:

Event with Roaming Entertainment –

Events that suit roaming entertainment are usually more relaxed, they would usually have buffet style food and have less structure. This may usually be a corporate event where you want to let your staff let their hair down, relax and socialise. The Roaming circus acts would usually do multiple sets throughout the event and generally walk around and entertain and interact guests throughout. The kind of acts that work well for this would be – Contortionists, Hula Hoopers, Jugglers, Stilts Walkers and the Roaming Animatronic Elephant.

Events with Roaming and Stage entertainment

This would be events very much like the above but you want to add a bit more structure to your event, a great way to do this is to add in a few acts doing short 5 minute stage acts throughout the night. To add in a bit more formality each act would usually be announced by our Ringmaster Compere.

Events with Circus Shows

These events are a bit more scheduled and would usually have a sit down dinner. For these types of events we recommend having roaming entertainment for meet & greet and in the drinks reception and having a full circus show over dinner. This would be either in-between courses or a full run of the show just after dinner. Our Circus shows can last between from 15 minutes up to 1.5 hours. The shows consist of all kinds of different circus acts from Aerialists, Hula Hoopers, Juggling acts, Fire Shows (if the venue is suitable), Contortionists and if you like the darker side of Circus: Freak Shows acts and Sword Swallowers. Our recommended all inclusive Circus Show package is £4000 + VAT – This includes a full show and roaming entertainment. (We have cheaper and more expensive packages available.

If you want to go all out for your event and really wow your guests, book our Circus themed packages today!

The Greatest Show Circus event entertainment

3. FLOKI the Animatronic Polar Bear

Time to go over to the cooler side of our entertainment and look at our latest roaming animatronic Polar Bear. This is with out a doubt our most popular Christmas act, and now is the right time to be booking for Christmas 2023. Floki the Polar Bear is an absolute Christmas winner and great for all ages and really adds some Christmas Magic to your event. This act usually does around 3 x 20 minute sets spread throughout a 4 hour period. Book this amazing roaming realistic Polar Bear for your event today.


Due to high demand of this act we now have three walkabout polar bears; TUNDRA, SNOWY and FLOKI. Our Polar Bear acts are hugely popular and really add the magical Christmas spirit to an event. They work very well at shopping malls, Christmas light switch ons and for corporate events. The ideal set up is to have a changing room near by the performance area to make it easy for our Polar Bear to get to the audience and start entertaining. Our Polar Bears can roam around or be set in a specific area and have guests come over to meet and greet the polar Bear. Our Bears are also suitable to go within Grottos for that extra bit of magic.

Polar Bear – roaming polar bear available to hire in the UK
Roaming Polar Bear

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