Top Entertainment This Summer

Get your event summer ready with our top summery themed entertainment! From naughty fairies and mesmerising mermaids to fiery dragons, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our most popular and the largest impact roaming act is our Valerian Dragon. He wanders the planes, he roars, his tail swings, he blinks and he captures the attention of everyone within his grasp. Impress your guests with this fiery dragon and his roaming companions. Choose from a beautiful Fairy, a fierce Bone Warrior, Khaleesi or a mighty Knight. These characters escort the dragon through your event encouraging maximum interaction and a long lasting wow factor with incredible photo opportunity for your guests.

How does he work?

Our animatronic dragon comes with a highly trained animatronic performer inside that controls all the body motions and facial movement of the dragon. This is what really brings this creature to life. With life-like movements and very animal like audience interaction there is no act more impressive than the Valerian Dragon. He has performed at many different events through the country including at The Natural History Museum, Secret Garden Party Festival, Dreamfields Festival and many other summery and even wintery events.

Dragons are very popular this summer since being featured in Game of Thrones, Brave Heart, How to Train Your Dragon, Reign of Fire, Dragon Slayer, Pete’s Dragon, Eragon, The Hobbit and more. They are especially suitable for St George’s Day, comicons, private parties, public events, Fire and Ice themed entertainment and festivals.

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Spruce up your summer event with our mystical Fairies! They wander elegantly with their life-like wings fluttering through the air. Available as enchanting roaming characters, stilt walkers and bubbleologists.

These fairies are truly magical. Their costumes are of the highly quality and their wings as so iridescent that they actually look real. Children will believe these fairies have come from a fairytale realm. They will float around your event causing fairy mischief, talking fairy gibberish and parading fairy riddles.

These Forest Fairies are great for greeting your guests and even handing out glasses of fizz for a magical welcome. These fairies go well with our stilt walking tree and bouncy fauns. Tree ents are well known from films such as Lord of the Rings. If you want even MORE impact then book them with our infamous Valerian Dragon.

Fairies are especially suitable for themes including Midsummer’s Night Dream, Enchanted Forest, Enchanted Ball, Summer Parties and more. We have many different breeds of Fairies to choose from!

DSC_3246 stilt walking tree forest entertainment

Fancy some beautiful fairies to welcome your guests at your wedding? We also have white Frosted Fairies if you’d like these ethereal creatures to match your dress! Why not go all out and book a Fairy Fire Show too? See NUMBER 4!


Mermaids can be used to convey themes of femininity, fantasy, decadence, and the forbidden.
Amaze your guests with our Valerian Mermaids! Highly realistic and incredibly mystical, our mermaids can sit by pools and tell tales of the sea, swim in pools and tanks, welcome your guests at your sea themed event and even do bubble tricks. We use only the highly quality tails on the market which means our mermaids truly looks like they have come from a magical underwater world or even Atlantis.

Our real mermaids performers can perform in giant bowls of water inside or outside the venue. Absolutely perfect for summer parties!  Our mermaids can also set themselves up on static platforms and appear as living statues or hand out drinks and canapés.

Mermaids are perfect for any under the sea themed event, nautical entertainment, festivals, private parties and all summer events. We fly our mermaids all over the world, no event is too far.

Films such as The Little Mermaid, Siren, Peter Pan, and Pirates of the Caribbean only make having your own mermaid more desirable. Book your Ariel today!

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Captivate your guests with the Valerian Fire Pixies! These highly trained fire performers perform fiery tricks of all varieties leaving your guests speechless again and again. From freeflowing ambient fire displays or a full blown choreographed fire shows, the Valerian Fire Pixies brighten up any event.

They come in a variety of themes including:

  • Fairies and Elves
  • Suited and Booted
  • Circus Glam
  • Festive Christmas Elves

Perfect for events all your round including festivals, public events and fates, private parties, corporate parties, Christmas parties and more. Especially suitable over the summer for themes such as Midsummer’s Night Dream, Enchanted Ball, Enchanted Forest and more. Book these pixies to make your event sparkle!

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Engage your guests with our incredible Animatronic Gorilla. He wanders the jungle, he chatters, his mouth moves, he blinks and he captures the attention of everyone. Impress your guests with this cheeky monkey and his roaming companions. Choose from a Educational Zoo Keeper, a fierce Jungle Warrior or a Ring Master. These characters escort the gorilla through your event inspiring plenty of photo opportunity for your guests and many silly antics along his way.

How does he work?

Our Animatronic Gorilla comes with a highly trained animatronic performer inside that controls all the body motions and facial movement of the gorilla. This is what really brings this creature to life. With life-like movements and very animal like audience interaction there is no act more impressive than the Animatronic Gorilla. He has performed at many different events through the country including at West Ham Football Stadium and he has also featured in various videos for animal charities, casinos and even music videos.

Gorillas and monkeys are very popular this year, especially after featuring in films such King Kong, Planet of the Apes, Mighty Joe Young, Tarzan, Gorillas in the Mist and Congo. Excellent interaction for all ages!

Great all for kinds of events and especially zoo themed events, Bar Mitzvah, jungle parties, circus themed events and festivals.


animatronic gorilla, real life gorrila, movie gorilla, gorilla for hire. Hire a gorilla. Book and animatronic gorilla. Gorilla suit for hire. Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 11.10.52


PLEASE NOTE – We own all of these acts and produce them in-house so we can give you the very best deals.

What next?

Feeling inspired about entertainment at your next event?

Get in touch to discuss your entertainment options and let us make your event stand out! If non of these acts quite fit your theme, we still have plenty of other acts to choose from to suit your summery needs!

Here’s just a few:

We can also custom make any characters or themed package you need to get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your event, call or email to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and we will guide you and ensure you find the perfect option for your event.


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