This is Halloween!

That’s right, our favourite time of the year is fasting approaching and boy are we ready! From acts that make you shiver to characters that make you scream, we have got an exciting all-terrifying Halloween troupe to present to you..

Here at Valerian Entertainment, we take pride in having the highest quality, most heart-wrenching scary acts. We love any excuse to scare and with our Halloween entertainment, that’s exactly what we’ll do.. From scary clown entertainment and bloodthirsty vampires to creepy contortionists and freaky fire shows..

PRESENTING, the SCARIEST Halloween acts of the century!


Well, I think the picture speaks for itself. Mr Jiggles the Clown really is the scariest Halloween character you’ll meet. He’s twisted, he’s intelligent, but what you should be aware of most of it, it that he’s full of surprises. Whether he’s creeping up on people, honking his little clown horn or trembling around with his unsettling balloons, Mr Jiggles will definitely make a statement at any event. Featuring very scary Halloween entertainment and horror characters. Mr Jiggles is definitely the scariest Halloween clown around.


Meet Dorothy the Doll, Teddy and Jester, This terrifying trio are guaranteed to wreak havoc on a good day and will probably make everyone cry on a bad day. Want to scare your staff at work? Make people tremble on a scare walk or cause chaos at a private party? Then this taunting trio are just for you. They have a naughty habit of dissecting toys, hosting weird and creepy tea parties – but beware, they may force you to join.. Perfect for the Nightmare Before Christmas themed entertainment, twisted toy entertainment, scary toys acts and horror toy entertainment.


Next up, we’ve got out fabulous, yet unsettling Leopard Man act, this gruesome creature has been locked away in a cage at a freak show for a VERY long time but he’s finally escaped and he’d ready for vengeance. Beware the bite and don’t let him too close to anything your fond of. With a habit of destruction and marking his humans, the leopard man character will definitely entertain for hours. This leopard man act is especially suitable for Halloween freak show themed event entertainment and anything where you want some mind-blowing horror creatures.


One of our specialist acts at Valerian Entertainment is our fire shows! Having it as terrifying as you like or you’ve got a younger crowd we can do it less scary too! With a few themes/costumes to choose from such as vampire fire show, day of the dead fire show and undead circus fire show, there’s something for everyone. From death defying stunts to mesmerising fire displays, this fiery little crew will heat up any Halloween event. Hire your Halloween fire show here!


Featuring Fenris the Werewolf. Named after a Norse mythological monster wolf, Fenris is a scary creature indeed. Have him as a ground character OR on creature stilts – that’s right, just like from the movies! For extra realism. Fenris has a taste for blood and loves to chase anything that moves. He’s mysterious and moves around in an incredibly eery manner. Hear him howl. Don’t lock eyes for too long as you may just be next for lunch.. The UK’s top and most unique werewolf entertainment for private Halloween parties, corporate Halloween parties, night club entertainment, scare walk characters and more.


We’ve all seen horror films and we all know just how these creepy contortionists make our bones hurt. With the utmost mastery of the body and pure Halloween spirit, this bendy delight will twist and contort her way into any event. With a demonic essence and a black soul, the possessed contortionist is guaranteed to unnerve anyone she crosses. This very particular contortionist was also the body double from the latest ‘The Mummy’ starring Tom Cruise – so she really is the BEST in the business! Book your very own creepy contortionist for your Halloween event entertainment.. She also has a horrific selection of costumes to suit any theme!


So now we’ve come to our animatronic dragons BLAZE and NORBERT. These animatronic animals really are great as they’re suitable for all ages. They always come with a scary Halloween character and you can choose how scary based on your audience. These dragon acts really are impressive. They are fully roaming, they bite, their eyes bling, their tail sways and they ROAR. They are roughly 2 meters high and 3.5 meters long as will make a HUGE statement at any Halloween event. Highly unique dragon themed entertainment and perfect dragon entertainment for private Halloween parties, corporate Halloween parties, night club entertainment, scare walk characters and more.


No event is complete without our incredible and captivating sword swallower. Sword swallowing has always been a shocking and death defying stunt and let me tell you that these swords are 100% entirely solid and real! There is no trickery here – this is the real deal. Sword swallowing acts for Halloween events really couldn’t be any more fitting, they are mind-blowing and your heart may just stop watching this very stunt. Get in touch to find out more about Halloween sword swallowers for your event..


Fancy something a bit more traditional? Check out our Bloodlust Vampire character entertainment. Bloodthirsty and mysterious, these creatures of the night are temptatious but also very misleading. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a dark alley with these blood suckers. Truly unique and high quality vampire themed entertainment. Available as roaming vampire characters or also as vampire stilt walkers, there’s a few options with these captivating beasts.


Last but not least, we’ve got the creepy clown sisters! And in our Halloween edition they come with a little extra blood! They’re enticingly cute but tauntingly evil. With ghostly voices and chanting creepy nursery rhymes, these Halloween clowns will add an eery vibe to any Halloween event. They’ve got some neat little tricks up their sleeves and if you don’t watch out they might have you doing them too.. Unique and outside the box Halloween entertainment for all Halloween event entertainment. Available as roaming clown characters or also as clown stilt walkers, there’s a few options with these naughty clowns!

We really do have the top Halloween acts, scariest Halloween characters and horrifically mesmerising Halloween shows.

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