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Featuring the UK's hottest fire troupe!

Feast your eyes on this true circus of fire. Incorporating large scale fire props, special effects and pyrotechnics! A divine mixture of theatrics, sexiness and sass, these girls are guaranteed to make your show. From small fire shows to large group displays - we can tailor our show to suit your event.

Including a mind-blowing mixture of skills including fire eating, fire fans, fire sword fights, fire poi, fire hula hoops, dragon's breath, pyrotechnic props and more.

Perfect for all tattoo convention entertainment, motocross event entertainment, rock concert entertainment, private party fire entertainment, and all sorts of other events!

Top fire entertainment and pyrotechnic displays. We fly all over the world and can provide all scales of shows. From preset shows to fully customised shows and themes, we can tailor to your event and really take it to the next level.