Scariest Halloween Acts 2022

Greetings, humans! Welcome back to the blog for an exciting new post! After a very busy and delightful summer full of clowning, juggling, hooping, fairy-ing and bubbling all around the country, it is time for our little fairies to hibernate and for our scariest creatures to come to life again for spooky season with some chilling, sinister and frightening performances! How exciting! Will you be brave enough to cross paths with our spine-chilling spirits? Read on to learn more..


Born from the blood, sweat and tears from the workers of the farm. These wandering ghostly spirits plague the lands through no choice of their own. Rotten the Rabbit, Little Milly and Sid the Scarecrow are enslaved by their master The Preist. Bound through ritualistic practices of their Master, they are at his disposal and they are out for blood. Can your guests handle the hauntings this season?

Perfect as high impact scare actors for all horror events, for scare parks, work offices and any public or private Halloween event. Want a little more? Ask about their immersive story experience..


Fatso the Clown

Welcome back to the horror circus, with our biggest and most terrifying entertainer! Great for hosting any circus or horror themed events. This prankster recently escaped from his locked wardrobe and is now looking forward to terrify your guests and terrying YOU! Experiencing his horrifying stories and his wicked sense of humour! Inspired by Oogie Boogie, Lawrence Limburger and all things rude.. A grotesque buffoon indeed!

Horror clown performers are perfect for as all kinds of Halloween entertainment. Have them hosting your guests as they arrive, scare them in corridors or hosting a show on stage. Need a another clown buddy? Check out Mr Jiggles!


Remember our Beloved scary Trio ? Well they found new malicious friends to play and bring along with them to your event ! Meet Tommy the Ventriloquist Dummy and Rosie the Ragdoll. Ready to hide and make you scream. More freaks to spread chaos is all you need with this scary and torturous bunch to have fun and fear at your event!

Simply book them to meet and greet scare actors, book the Teddy Bear’s Picnic or have them set up in your photobooth spooking and entertaining your guests!


The Possessed Contortinist

There’s nothing more terrifying than witnessing real life possession.. Presenting our fabulous yet terrifying contortion act. Watch her bones break as she twists and contorts. Your eyes won’t believe what you see.. She really is the scariest, most demonic Halloween act you’ll witness this scary season and she will make your spine shiver.

Providing incredibly horrifying walkabout and stage performance. Great for all types or horror events, as part of a larger Halloween shows and for all your unique and shocking needs.


This is the favorite time of the year for our last feral character to wake up from hibernation. This loner spirit crawled straight out of his cave to wander in the dark forest, ready to hunt you and your guests down. Occasionally, he will venture out of his area, but what is he searching for? Perhaps food? A herd? Collectibles for his home? Vengeance? Or a little red hood? Beware if you cross his path..

Olcan is a werewolf horror act on creature stilts! Creating truly scary and lifelike impressions. Perfect for meet and greet or to simply have roaming your event.. Eating your guests.

Want something you don’t see here? Get in touch! We take commissions and we can make anything you want! We can’t wait to hear from you so get in touch to book your summer entertainment this year!

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