Roaming Circus Clowns

Creating your own circus bizarre and after some wacky wonderland characters? Look no further! We have an incredible bounty of clowns and other elaborate characters to choose from. Have them parading at your event and mesmerising your guests with various tricks, gifts and surprises.
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Amaze your guests with our surreal circus characters! Find everything else you need here for your own circus menagerie. From walkabout quirky clowns, juggling shows, hula hoop shows, contortionists and more, not to forget our mesmerising animatronic gorilla in our very own circus cage. All of our characters are available in a variety of walkabout skills and stage shows. Skills are including but not limited to jugglers, hula Hoopers, contortionists, hand balance, stilt walkers, aerialists, balloon Modellers, sword swallowing, fakir, fire shows, LED Shows and bouncy stilts.

Get in touch and speak to one of our entertainment professionals to discuss your unique event needs and find the perfect entertainment for you. We specialise in the unique, the unseen, the unusual and the bizarre.


They’re extremely mischievous and hilariously funny, they’ll have your guests amused all night long. Along with their silly antics, they also have lots of tricks up their sleeves, from hula hooping on their foot to dancing with ribbon and juggling clubs, they are always a spectacle to observe. Want more? They have plenty of quirky friends to boot..

Vintage Stilt Clowns


Looking for some unique circus themed entertainment? Look no further than our very own vintage Circus Clowns! Providing the perfect collection of carnivalesque characters from films such as Disney's Dumbo and The Greatest Showman. Think Cirque Le Sior themed entertainment, The Box in London, Cirque Du Soleil themed entertainment. Make it your own with these bizarre circus characters.


Having The Greatest Showman themed event or a Dumbo themed event? We have everything you need to truly create that circus spectacular visual. We have a bounty of playful and quirky clowns,  dazzling aerialists, incredible contortionists, circus themed stilt walkers with fabulous costumes and props. We can also put all of these acts together into complete show if you fancy a complete cabaret!

With the release of Disney's Dumbo and with beautiful artistic direction by Tim Burton, this theme is guaranteed to be a hit this season!

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