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Hello and welcome to our latest blog! The sun has been out and we’re very excited for summer, which brings is to presenting you with our most magical, most etheareal, most enchanting package yet! Not only do we have some new incredible fairytale acts but we also have a whole new fairytale show to go with it! Complete with dazzling circus skills and beautiful fairytale creatures, it’s certainly not one to miss.

Welcome to our brochure of magical creatures.. Venture down the fairytale path and indulge in the magic of the forest! 🌼

🌸 Magical Fairy Characters 🌸

Welcome to the magical fairy forest! We have the most authentic, most beautiful, most true to life fairies you’ll ever meet. Born of the magic in the earth and full of sprite, these fairies are a wonderful addition to any event.

Have them as whimsical roaming characters, bubbleologists, stilt walkers, contact ball artists, roller skaters and even glitter and face painters. Most sets for these characters are 3 x 30, 2 x 45 or 1 x 60 minute set – however the can vary in our packages.

Our characters don’t just look like magical beings, they act like them whole-heartedly too! Their conversation, their mannerisms and everything else about them. We don’t just specialise in entertainment, we specialise in magic.

We have many different breeds of fairies to choose from. Forest Fairies – delightful and freshly green! Rose, Bluebell and Lavender the Flower Fairies. Colourful and enchanting as you can see below. We also have Frosted and Autumnal Fairies too!

🌹 Dragons 🌹

Our animatronic dragons are among the most impressive
sites to behold at any enchanted event. Their walk around, they
roar, their eyes and mouths move. Providing interactions and
photo opportunities that will never be forgotten. Why wouldn’t you
have a 3.5 meter dragon at your event?

Choose from our 2 beautiful beasts:
Blaze – perfect with a Forest Fairy or Rose as his keeper!
Blizzard – perfect with Bluebell or Lavender as her keeper!

Better yet..

Book them both for the ultimate dragon show down!

Set lengths are usually 3 x 20 minutes but can be flexible
in our magical packages! Enquire for more details.

🌻 Tree Ents 🌻

Tall and towering. A sight to behold. Our majestic stilt
walking trees and guaranteed to captivate and astonish. This fully roaming act have the ability to become one with the decor – which
makes them even more of a surprise when your
guests finally spot them!

Sets are usually 3 x 30 minutes in these costumes.

🌹 Circus Pixies and Elves 🌹

Not only do we have the most ethereal roaming characters,
We also have a stunning collection of special skilled
characters too! Because the forest is filled with all kinds
of surprises and magical feats! Here’s some a favourites:

🌸 Enchanted Pixie Hula Hooper
🌼 Elven Magician
🌺 Twisted Contortionist
🍀 Ethereal Acrobats
🌸 Aerial Goddesses
🌼 Fire Pixies
🌺 Forest Dancers
🍀 Juggling Imps

All skills are available as ambient or as shows. We can provide
any skill you require in this theme too! Each acts provides 1 x show
& 1 x 20-30 minute walkabout depending on the skill
OR 3 x 20-30 minute roaming sets.

🌼 The Sun and The Moon 🌼

What is a forest without a sun and a moon? The bringers
of life in the form of ethereal goddesses. Perfect for meet
and greats and roaming entertainment.

🌸 Mermaids 🌸

Mermaids have long though to be the most magical and elusive
creatures of the deep. Not only do they reside in the sea, they also live
in ponds, lagoons, rivers and lakes! And that’s exactly why they’re the perfect addition to any enchanted forest event or ball. Mystical
creatures embody all the elements – earth, air, fire and water. Not
only do we have mesmerising mermaids, we also have a magical
Lagoon and a decorative shell in which they can reside at your event.
So if you don’t have the perfect space, we can certainly bring it for you! See our lagoon featured to the bottom left – bringing a mermaid in her natural element only makes it all the most believable and we have the highest quality mermaid tails – they really do look and feel REAL close up!

Because every little (and big) girl’s dream really is to meet a mermaid..

🌹 Fauns 🌹

Fauns keep the order of the forests. Regal and respected,
they make for excellent meet and greet artists. With creature
like legs and truly animalistic faces, these costumes really
are the most impressive close up! Amaze your guests with
this highly aesthetic and interact act.

Sets are usually 3 x 20 minutes in these costumes but can
be worked well into our enchanted packages.

🌼 Bubble Fairies 🌼

Bubble fairies are truly entertaining for all ages! GIANT bubbles,
smoke bubbles, fire bubbles! They have something to enchant all.
Perfect for outdoors entertainment with their giant nets or indoor with smaller, more intimate bubbling, these cute little creatures are a perfect touch of fun for family fun days, corporate parties all all enchanted themed events.

🌹 The Book of Choices 🌹

– An elven game –

Venture into the dark forest with this elven challenge. Watch
Your guests jump with amusement and watch their brains tick!
This is a roaming interactive game which encourages guests to
become part of the story! Elves are also fabulous as magicians!


We’ve been busy putting some exciting new packages together especially for you! Packages are fully customisable and unique to your needs. See more below..

Thank you for taking the time read about our enchanted acts! The best way to book is to pop us an email to info@valerianentertainment.co.uk with what you’d like, the date, location, times and any unique event details. We have so many options to choose from. Only after a couple of characters? We can do that too! It doesn’t need to be a whole menagerie! We can’t wait to bring the magic to your event!

Want something you don’t see here? Get in touch! We take commissions and we can make anything you want! We can’t wait to hear from you so get in touch to book your summer entertainment this year!

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog!

 The team at Valerian Entertainment 

Haven’t seen quite what you’re after? Check out our acts section! We also take custom commissions so the possibilities are truly endless!


We create everything in-house here at Valerian Entertainment. If you’ve got an idea, a theme or a complete vision, we can create it. Get in touch to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and let us make your event sparkle and truly stand out above the rest.

Did you enjoy these acts and want to see more of them?

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What next?

Feeling inspired about entertainment at your next event?

Get in touch to discuss your entertainment options and let us make your event stand out! If non of these acts quite fit your theme, we still have plenty of other acts to choose from to suit your spooky needs!

We can also custom make any characters or themed package you need to get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your event, call or email to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and we will guide you and ensure you find the perfect option for your event.

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