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Our package of Circus entertainment is one of our most popular themes, and we can understand why as it allows for some of the most impressive acts and entertainment in the industry. We have some the worlds finest Circus performers and acts on our books, Take a look at some of the entertainment we can offer and theme for this style of event. 

Circus theme entertainment, The Greatest Show


A tumbling acrobatic duo, a highly popular act within the circus theme, and a true crowd pleaser. We would usually offer this act with a roaming set of around 20 to 30 minutes and a spectacle stage act of around 5 minutes. This is a great combination of an interactive up close performance and a show that the whole room can enjoy together. This acrobatic duo use each others bodies to create elegant shapes and get to daring heights to create a real piece of magic between the two performers.  

 Aerial Performers

A favourite among many crowds. An aerial performance really brings the magic of the Circus to your event. Our aerialist performer different variations of the daring high flying skill. Our most popular aerial displays are an aerial hoop or aerial silks. The hoop is self explanatory and the aerial silks are long lengths of fabric that the performer climbs up and down and performs shapes and daring drops. 

Silks Aerial Performer


Can you have a Circus without a Juggler? A true Circus classic. We can have Jugglers available for shows, roaming or a mix of both. Usually a roaming juggler would do yup to 3 x 30 minute sets, meeting and greet guests and showing off their skills. We also have jugglers able to provide stage shows, these show jugglers would usually do up to 1 x 5 minute stage act and 1 x 30 minute roaming. We have different types of props available to juggler, from the standard circus juggling clubs to LED Light up clubs and even the more daring Fire Juggling.

  Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers are a great way to meet and greet your guests and really immerse them into the Circus theme. There are a great conversation starter and photo opportunity. Our circus themed stilt walkers will sure entertain and get your party dancing later in the night. Usually sets would be 3 x 30 minutes, a meet and greet set works well and one later on the dance floor is always a great choice.

Circus Theme Stilt Walkers


This is one of our personal favourite acts, a Guinness World Record holder and a truly amazing act, and if stage space is limited this act is very ideal, as she can fit in very small spaces. Watch her bend her body in ways you cannot imagine, and she makes it look elegant with a smile the whole way through. A contortionist is the perfect act for Circus themed events. This performer would usually pop up to 1 x 5 minute stage act and 1 x 30 minute roaming.


 Hand Balancing

Our Hand Balance act is an act that attracts the attention of the room, defying the laws of what you think is possible. Our hand balance act shows you their skills going from 2 arm hand balances to one arm, and all the while they are heighten on wooden canes. This is a great act for smaller stages as they require very little room. They would usually do up to 1 x 5 minute act and 1 x 20 minute roaming or meet and greet set.

Hula Hooper

Our Hula Hoop act is a great choice and very versatile. We can offer this as a roaming act and a stage performance or a mix of both. We also have the option of the Hoops being LED and programable, so we can add graphics that come up on the hoops into the show. This could be a company brand, a message to the CEO, or even a Happy Birthday. The act starts with one hoop and goes all the way up to using 6 at once, it is a highly impressive act and a very popular choice wit great feedback for Circus themed events. The performer would usually do up to 3 x 20 minutes if roaming or 1 x 5 minute stage act and  1 x 30 minute roaming.

Hula Hoopers and Led Hula Hoop

 Fire Shows and Performers

Heat up the evening with our talented Fire performers, a true spectacle to add to your event. We have many options for our fire performers from our fully choreographed shows, with special effects and pyrotechnics, to our more ambient meet and greet freestyle performers. If the venue allow fire we consider this as a must for a Circus show or Circus themed event.

Fire Shows and Fire Breathers


The Roaming Elephant is an amazing act and a true spectacle. It is a show stopper and a great crowd pleaser. If booked It will be the talking point of the night, and for weeks to come I am sure. This elephant roams around and has a circus character to guide. Watch the eyes blink, the ears flap and hear Jumbo’s noise.  They would usually do 3 x 20 minute sets spread through the evening.

Roaming Circus Elephant – Animatronic

 Roaming Animatronic Gorilla – Alfred

The Roaming Gorilla is a great addition to the Circus theme. Alfred the Gorilla would usually do up to 3 x 20 minute sets and is a great interactive roaming act, a great talking point and an amazing photo opportunity.

Animatronic Gorilla Suit

 Ringmaster Compere or Circus Skilled

A Ringmaster is an absolute must if you wish to create a true Great show. Having a compere can help link between the different acts booked to create a Cabaret style circus event. The compare would usually host the evening, greet guests and introduce acts. We also have the option to have a Circus skilled compere who is also able to do mini classic circus acts. 

Sword Swallower

Going onto the freakier side of the Circus. Sword swallowing is a skill not held by many at all in the UK, and it’s an absolute wonder of a show. It is a a great performance piece and a true art. Our Sword Swallower would usually do up to 3 x 5 to 10 minute stage acts.

Ringmaster Compere

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