New Act Page – Roaming Futuristic Robot for your event!

Check out our latest act page! Need a futuristic roaming robot for your sci-fi or out of space themed event? Look no further!

CopperBot: The Roaming LED Robot

Our roaming light up robot, is our most advanced and impactful yet. Meet the Copper Bot. A 3D printed roaming robot perfect for entertainment and wowing your guests at all kinds of events. Voted one of the best in the futuristic theme entertainment category, this is well suited to events with a sci-fi or dystopian theme. Outside of the box entertainment for every occasion. Are you thinking of putting together an Apocalypse themed event? Well look no further as our futurist robot is a great act and will really immerse your guests into this theme.


We have some great options for futuristic, sci-fi and dystopian themed events. Weather your hosting an event at a shopping centre, theme park or outside. This quirky roaming robot act is a perfect way to add an extra wow factor to your event.
Watch this walkabout robot act with a difference really come to life and wow your guests. Perfect for corporate parties, festivals and private events. Available to hire in the UK, Dubai and Europe.


Really immerse your guests into the the future and have theme believe in science fiction. The Copper Bot roaming robot will really add a sense of magic to your event. Create a great photo opportunity and let this robot be the talking point of your event. Available to roam around and also available for stage shows and big music events. This robot, standing at around 9 foot will really create a wow factor at your event. Think outside of the box and make your event stand out today by booking this futuristic walkabout act.

If you are putting on a space themed event, and are wanting to book space themed entertainment. Please check out the page:

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