NEW ACT ALERT – The Fire Girl Collective

Brace yourself, for the HOTTEST and the most CAPTIVATING fire troupe of the century! Presenting, The Fire Girl Collective.

The Fire Girl Collective are born from the naked flame. They’re highly unique, they’re hot and they’re highly skilled in all aspects of fire. You won’t catch these chicks just waving some sticks around. These fiery ladies are trained in pyrotechnics, flexibility, advanced flow arts and they even have some other unique add ons! This is no standard fire troupe, want the very best at your event? Well you’ve come to the right place..

The Fire Girl Collective

So what are The Fire Girl Collective all about?

These ladies are all about absolute perfection in combining aesthetics, flexibility and circus skills, fire and special effects. They specialise in creating captivating performances that really get people talking and that people really, will never forget. These fire queens cover everything fire to a high level! From fire eating, fire fans, fire poi, advanced snake poi (HUGE flames), single and DOUBLE fire hula hoops, dragon’s breath, double ninja fire swords and the almighty fire cube! And don’t forget their favourite little party box of pyrotechnics is always at the ready.

Fully Choreographed Fire Shows

What kind of bookings are The Fire Girl Collective perfect for?

These fire queens are PERFECT for such a huge array of events. Including private parties, tattoo conventions, alternative events, motocross events, car events, expos and more. Various costume and styling is available so they are also very suitable for other themed events such as circus, gothic, fairytale, freak show and more.

You can book the fire collective for large or small fire shows depending on your event size and the type of event you’re having. Not looking for a full on show? You can also book them as captivating freestyle spinners to create a lovely fiery ambience – perfect for meet and great, for podium work or spread out through the event as pop up entertainment, creating beautiful pockets of flame.

Huge Pyrotechnic Fire Displays

Want to go BIGGER?!

Want a complete circus of fire? Look no further than these fire queens! We can put together a complete show with a variety of fire themed acts – additional skills are not limited to – aerial fire hoop, fire contortion act and more..

Fire Hula Hoop Shows
Flexibility and Fire Combined for Captivating Shapes

Fancy these girls in different costumes? Absolutely!

Love the style but doesn’t quite fit your event theme? We are FULLY customisable! We can tailor our aesthetics to suit any theme or style. Check out our circus themed Harlequin below!

The Fire Girl Collective’s very own Harlequin!
Harlequin’s Pyro Gun
Fire and Circus Skills Combined

See Harlequin in action!

Fancy some footage? Check out some behind the scenes shots of our Harlequin playing up to the camera at a recent shoot:

What’s next for The Fire Girl Collective?

We’ve been busy little bees and we have some exciting new vintage fire shows coming soon.. Yes that’s right, highly glamorous and highly classy shows with 1920s-1950s styled aesthetics and a absolute touch of elegance. If you think this might suit something you have coming up don’t hesitate to get in touch as it will be ready soon! Think Betty Boop, think Monroe and think of waves and jewels EVERYWHERE!

Fancy booking this act? Get in touch to discuss your event needs, we’d love to come and perform for YOU!

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog and let us know what you’d like to see next!

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