NEW ACT ALERT – Jumbo the Elephant

WELL WELL. Have we got a mighty new act for you.. The BIGGEST, the most REALISTIC, JUUUMBBBOOO THE ELEEPPHHAANNNNTT!

Jumbo the Elephant is our newest, BIGGEST and most exciting act yet! Jumbo is a HUGE animatronic costumes, his ears flap, his mouth moves, he walks around so he’s fully roaming and his cute little eyes blink. He measures up to be 1.3 meters wide and 2 meters tall! WOW!! Jumbo also makes realistic elephant noises! So watch out because you’ll always hear him coming. Jumbo the animatronic elephant really is one of the newest, most unique jungle and circus themed acts out there. By taking puppeteering, animatronics and aesthetics to the next level we have creating this very unique creature. Jumbo is highly interactive, great for stage shows, great for meet and great work and also great for providing photo opportunity at any event!

Jumbo the animatronic elephant is perfect for so many different themes throughout events. He’s especially great for zoo themed entertainment, around the world themed entertainment, Indian wedding entertainment, jungle themed entertainment, circus elephant entertainment or a great pick if you have no themed and you just want something really impressive at your event. Great as festival entertainment, birthday party entertainment, corporate party entertainment, bar mitzvah entertainment and more!


Did you know Jumbo also has some new elephant costumes! If you’re having an Indian wedding or a circus themed event, Jumbo has some fabulous costumes to boot! Check out Jumbo in his fabulous feathers!

Meet Jumbo with our Ring Master

Did you know?..

Jumbo was actually a real elephant in the early 1900s owned by PT Barmnum himself! He was called Jumbo because of his overwhelming size! He worked many years as a circus elephant and was loved by all. Modern day we’ve found a new level of respect for these majestic creatures. As a result, we’ve now found a cruelty free way to remember and experience these fantastic beasts without harming them! Animatronic and puppet based animals are definitely the way forward.

Thank you for reading about Jumbo the animatronic elephant, now it’s time to come and meet him! Get in touch to book Jumbo for your event!

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