How to Make an Impact at Your Promotional Event

Running a promotional event this year and not quite sure how to really make an impact and draw in those much needed customers?

You need something that is really going to stop the crowd and make them go WOW! No more employees flyering alone. Not with these exceptional interactive acts now available. We’ve got some fantastic entertainment options this year that will really get your customers intrigued and in that shop.


Our animatronic creatures are guaranteed to stop EVERYONE. They are large, incredibly life-like and have very realistic movements. They blink, they roar, they bite, they roam and most importantly of all; they interact! Get up close to these impressive creatures – stoke them, speak to them, high five them, take photos with them – you will not forget them. Our top creatures include a DRAGON, POLAR BEAR and GORILLA. These creatures usually come with interactive guardians, for example a Fairy, Bone Warrior, Christmas elf, Frosted Fairy, Ring Master or Zoo Keeper. Have an Animatronic Creature at the entrance of your shop or event. Or even roaming the streets nearby, grabbing that attention and reeling those customers in.

We are always making new animatronic creatures and also take custom orders too. Check out these magnificent creatures below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 11.10.52DSC_3404polar2

Our polar bear is especially popular at Christmas! Book him along with our Christmas Elves or Frosted Fairies to entertain your customers. Better yet, book a complete Christmas Grotto installation. An incredible photo opportunity with full decor and festive props – get in touch for more details.


Fancy something a little hotter for your event? How about our Valerian Fire Pixies? Warm up your entrance with these spectacular fire performers. Whether you want a show or a smaller ambient performance, this pyro troupe if for you. With a multitude of different props, these pyro pixies are guaranteed to raise attention. Have you ever seen anybody juggle fire? Fire hula hoop on their feet? Spin giant balls of fire? Breathe fire from their mouths? Need I go on..

The Valerian Fire Pixies can come dressed in different themed including:

  • Fairies and Elves
  • Sparkly Circus
  • Showgirl Glam
  • Christmas Elves
  • Suited and Booted

Station a fire performer to do a meet and greet as customers pass by, capturing their attention and drawing them in and causing engagement. If your promotional event needs more of a wow moment or a finale, book a full choreographed fire show – you can advertise this at a certain time as a ploy to draw people in and gather a large crowd at a select time.

Costumes are fully customisable to get in touch for your personalised quote.



Stilt walkers have long been towering above us all. Capturing all the attention and are impossible to miss. They are a great way to capture the attention of people passing by and provide excellent photo opportunity. They are also a fantastic way to hand out flyers and other goodies. – sweets, choccies or even items with your logo on. We have many different characters to choose from including:

  • Circus
  • LED Robots
  • Fairies and Trees
  • Showgirls
  • Zoo Animals
  • Jungle Warriors
  • Beach Party

And much more! We also take custum orders so you can have any theme you like, even if we don’t have it yet.

NYE actsfairy stilt walkers, walking trees.22688828_10155843385280842_4596863878694928150_n


If you’re tight for space but you still want to stir up a commotion of excitement we also have our roaming characters. These are great as they don’t take up much room and are still very intruguing and incredibly interactive.

Characters we have include:

  • Fairies and Elves
  • Christmas Elves
  • Silent Movie (greyscale characters shown below)
  • Circus Artists
  • Disco Heads

And much more. For a moment, imagine a magical little fairy skipping around the entrance to your store. Blowing bubbles and handing out fairy shaped chocolates. Everyone taking photos and tagging your store in on social media. This is definitely a great way to grab attention and get your brand better known.

These roaming characters are always great for photo opportunity and handing our goodies or flyers. You can also book out roaming characters with certain skills. Would you like them to juggle? Hula hoop? Do magic tricks? Play games? The possibilities are endless.

_mg_6167DSC_3246great New Years Eve entertainmentDSC04176

What next?

Feeling inspired about entertainment at your next event?

Get in touch to discuss your entertainment options and let us make your event stand out! If non of these acts quite fit your theme, we still have plenty of other acts to choose from to suit your unique needs!

Here’s just a few:

We can also custom make any characters or themed package you need to get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your event, call or email to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and we will guide you and ensure you find the perfect option for your event.


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