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So you’ve found that special someone and you’re tying the knot. Now you need some outstanding entertainment to really impress your guests and make your wedding one to remember.

When choosing entertainment for your wedding, it’s so important to get it right. You want to choose something that fits in with your theme perfectly and suits the style of wedding you’re going for. It’s always important to keep your guests entertained and more importantly, for you to really enjoy your own wedding! Here’s some of our top picks for weddings:


If you’re looking for that spectacular finale moment at your wedding then look no further! Fire shows are a great choice for weddings as it offers the perfect moment in the evening for everyone to gather round and enjoy a show like they’ve never seen before.

These are our top costume choices for weddings, however we can custom make anything you like:

  • Fairies and Elves
  • Suited and Booted
  • Circus Glam


Our shows range from a duo performance all the way up to a large group performance – it’s simply down your budget and what you think will work with the space you have. It goes without saying, the more performers you have, the more impressive it is and we also have the option to add a pyrotechnic finale finish in order to make that moment extra memorable.

Performing with a multitude of different skills including juggling, hula hooping, decorative fan dance, fire eating and fire breathing and also not to forget many mesmerising tricks such as hula hooping on the feet and more! Let our Valerian Fire Pixies warm up your wedding and make it one to remember.

Our fire shows can also be made to a song of your choice if you want something truly unique.

All our performers are highly trained and to the highest standard. We also provide full risk assessments and will communicate with or recce a venue for you if you’re unsure on what’s suitable for the space.



Another popular pick is our beautiful white Frosted Fairies. These characters are simply so majestic as they roam, greet and entertain your guests. Have them wondering as foot characters, as stilt walkers or even making large impressive bubbles to wow your guests on arrival or during the evening.

Don’t want white Frosted Fairies? We also have green Forest Fairies too! Perfect for any festival or bohemian style wedding.


In addition to these beautiful magical creatures we also have Stilt Walking Trees, Elves and Bouncy Fauns. Add a touch a magic to your wedding.



Are you having a festival style wedding or do you need something to entertainment the kids during that break in the day. Circus workshops are a great way to fill in that time with something engaging and fun to do! It’s suitable for ALL ages and covers the basics in skills such as juggling, hula hoop, spinning plates and diablo.


A great addition to circus workshops are our circus themed stilt walkers. Another great way to keep to kids entertained and the perfect addition to any festival or funfair themed wedding after party.

Who knows, you might even inspire a few future circus performers with this dazzling set-up!



Our Disco Heads are simply great for a meet and greet at any wedding. They’re classy, they’re funny and they’re a perfect picture opportunity for your guests upon arrival and throughout the evening. Have them wondering around causing mischief or have them dancing on podiums. These chaps are excellent at interacting with your guests and making your evening one to remember.

Disco Ball heads great for wedding entertainment

These Disco Heads are non-speaking characters and that really adds to their charm. Watch them gesture and communicate in their own funny little way.

What next?

Feeling inspired about entertainment at your wedding?

Get in touch to discuss your entertainment options and let us make your wedding stand out! If non of these acts quite fit your theme, we still have plenty of other acts to choose from to suit your needs!

We can also custom make any characters or themed package you need to get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your event, call or email to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and we will guide you and ensure you find the perfect option for your event.


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