Enchanted Forest & Summer Entertainment Ideas

At Valerian Entertainment we love Fairies, Fauns and all great mythical beasts. These mythical creatures make stunning options to add to your enchanted themed events and really can make your event stand out from the crowd and create a magical day for your guests to really remember.

Below is a list of 6 great entertainment ideas that work brilliantly for summer and enchanted themed events:

Number 6: Mermaids

Hire a mermaid

Ever thought you could hire mermaids for your event? These are the closest thing to real life mermaids you will find. They are a great addition to any party, festival or event and really give your audience a feel of magic and enchantment. They can be seen placed on rocks or podiums placed around your event or if your event space has any water features these beautiful creatures can be seem swimming or in water. If you love the mermaid ideas then you will also love our number 5…


Number 5: The Mermaid Tank

Huge aquarium for mermaids

This is brand new act ready for 2019. A huge 10 foot x 6 foot x 6 foot wooden mermaid tank that hold up to 6000 litres of water so you can see the mermaid in action through the clear screens. This is the first sneak peak of this act and more media will follow.


Number 4: Contortionist

Contortionist uk

A contortionist is a great act to be able to have at any event and one that works great with the enchanted forest theme. Our contortionist is regarded as the bendiest in the UK and absolutely stunning to watch. She can entertain your guests on the stage or even as a walkabout act and she can contort around your guests as they have there picture taken with her.


Number 3: The Tree Man and Fairy Stilt Walkers

fairy stilt walkers, walking trees.

This is one of our most popular summer and enchanted themed acts and adds a great magic to all kinds of events. This stilt walkabout act is great for festivals, private parties and weddings. The old & wise stilt walking tree ent is accompanied by the beautiful fairy. The combination of the 2 beauty and the beast works wonders for guest interaction.


Number 2: The Animatronic Dragon

Animatronic Dragon

The one and only mythical beast. The Dragon… This huge animatronic puppet is controlled by a performer inside the costume. The Dragon will walk around your event, roaring, blinking and event try and eat peoples food. One of our most popular acts and loved by all. It can be accompanied by fairies, dragon warriors, fire performers or even Game of Throne characters. One dragon not enough? Why not get him a play mate or a battle buddy? We have a new addition to our dragon family, his icy enemy.


Number 1; Fairies


A must have for any enchanted themed event. Our fantastic fairies will frolic around your event, interacting with guests and posing for photos. If you really want guests at your event to really feel and embrace your enchanted theme. This is one of the best options for you.


What next?

Feeling inspired about entertainment at your next event?

Get in touch to discuss your entertainment options and let us make your event stand out! If non of these acts quite fit your theme, we still have plenty of other acts to choose from to suit your spooky needs!

We can also custom make any characters or themed package you need to get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your event, call or email to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and we will guide you and ensure you find the perfect option for your event.

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