Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Events

As we all know the entire industry, actually the entire world has been completely shaken up by the coronavirus. It’s affected everyone and everything. But don’t worry, we are optimistic and we have a plan!


For health and safety reasons and in the interest of everyone, all events have been postponed until this pandemic is over. Looking after each other is incredibly important during these times and while the cancellation of events and social gatherings can be disappointing, there are still things that we can all do.


Fear not! We’ve got a plan in place to make the most of our time during this break so that we can come back bigger and better than ever! We’ve got some exciting new costumes underway and some incredibly unique acts being built. We’re also going to put more time into our website, social media and blogging so we can still deliver some creative excitement to all our customers! We’re not on hold at all though, so if you’re planning any events later on this year or next year and onwards, do get in touch! We’re still taking custom commissions and creating bespoke costumes and props for future bookings. Any bookings with us already made that has been effected due to the coronavirus, will be offered a reschedule to a date that suits you. We really understand how difficult it is for everyone in our industry and we want to help in any way we can whilst supporting effected, existing and future events as much as possible.


While events might be on hold temporarily, we can still plan ahead! There is no need to lose hope in our industry as this time will pass. For now we can spend out time pre-planning themes, aesthetics, entertainment and all sorts for future events. While we may not be able to set a specific date in the near future (we certainly can in the more distant) it doesn’t mean we can’t prepare. And this can apply to any event from a birthday party or a wedding to a festival and everything else in-between.


You might be lucky enough to still be able too work but I know this means that there will be a lot more time off for a lot of you so here’s a little reminder of what you can do to stay fit, healthy and happy in the comfort of your own home.

  • STAY FIT – there are lots of exercise videos online, classes that are now being run online, going for a walk (depending on government advice) and other things available for you.
  • STAY HEALTHY – make sure you keep up a good routine everyday, eat well, sleep well and look after your mind!
  • GET CREATIVE – this is the perfect time to learn new skills, finish old projects and create some fabulous art!
  • STAY CONNECTED – make sure you stay in touch with your friends and relatives as this can be a very lonely time. Facebook/Skype/Whatsapp are all here for you.
  • YOUR FUTURE – think of how you can use this time to benefit you when this is all over, whether this is updating your website, creating stock, making a business plan, planning an event for when this all blows over or improving on your skills. Or if you really need some time off just to focus on yourself and unwind, then do that!
  • CONSIDER THE PLANET – with all the disasterous events that are happening lately we can’t help but think we (as a world) need to step back and consider our planet more. Global warming, bush fires and now this pandemic. Now is a perfect time to really think on how you can help the planet and start changing your habits to make for a more sustainable life and future for us all.

Let’s all work together in this time of difficulty! Check in on anyone who needs it, make sure everyone has what they need and remember not to lose passion in what we love – this will all be over soon! And don’t forget that once this is over (and it will be) there will be great cause for celebration and we will all be here to throw the biggest, most bad ass parties you’ve ever seen!

Take care for now!

The team at Valerian Entertainment!


We create everything in-house here at Valerian Entertainment. If you’ve got an idea, a theme or a complete vision, we can create it. Get in touch to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and let us make your event sparkle and truly stand out above the rest.

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If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your event, call or email to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and we will guide you and ensure you find the perfect option for your event.

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