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Are you throwing a party this year? Look no further than our top 10 acts for a birthday party!

As we all know, a birthday is a very special day in which we celebrate that special someone! And one sure way to make someone feel absolutely fabulous is with a big birthday bash! And for a big birthday bash, you need some jaw dropping entertainment!

We have an incredible selection of acts suitable for all kinds of birthday parties, especially for the one you’re planning! We do understand it can be a little tricky planning a party whilst the coronavirus issue is still on-going, however we are fully prepared to safely and respectfully deliver our acts without a worry in mind! We follow the health and safety related aspects very closely and our acts are all social-distance friendly with updated risk assessments and everything we use is kept squeaky clean. Now for the fun bit..


1 – Robots

Having a space or apocalyptic themed event and need some robot entertainment? Look no further than our fabulous robot collection. Perfect for all kinds of events ranging from boys birthday parties to adult nightclub style parties. You don’t need any particular theme for your party to have these bad boys at your event. The MoonBots are a LED stilt walking robot trio with colour changing lights with attitude to boot. NioBium has extra impressive lights with different modes and programmable to music. He also has robotic sound effects AND robot dance tunes! SteamBuster is also not one to forget, he is the largest of all our robots and makes quite the statement. Towering and also with robotic sound effects, the SteamBuster robot is definitely going to capture all your guests attention. Featuring the top robot acts in the UK, let us bring some techy entertainment to you!

2 – Animatronic Creatures

Our animatronic creatures are without a doubt some of our most impressive and memorable acts. They’re huge, they’re adorable and they’re completely unforgettable. Witness the likes of these beautiful creatures up close and personal, get your photograph with them and you can even pet them! We’ve got a great selection starting with Jumbo the Elephant! Jumbo is 2 meters tall and very life-like. This animatronic elephant is fully mobile, he walks around, his ears moves, his trunk sways and the even makes elephant noises! Jumbo is perfect for all kinds of events and themes, especially as jungle themed entertainment, as Indian wedding entertainment, circus themed entertainment and all kinds of other birthday party themes. Next up we’ve got Tundra the Polar Bear! Tundra is an adorable white animatronic polar bear. She walks around, her mouth opens and closes and she even makes cute little polar bear sounds! Tundra is great for any party where you want a cute fluffy bear! She’s especially suitable for birthday parties where you’re looking for animal themed entertainment and for birthday party entertainment around Christmas. Our next animatronic creature is Alfred the gorilla! Alfred is a very cheeky monkey that like to go around teasing people and certainly gathers quite the crowd. He’s fully mobile, will tug at people, sit on chairs, climb the tables, whatever he thinks he can get away with.. Last up we’ve got our trademark dragons Blaze and Blizzard! Both dragons are huge in size at approximately 3 meters long and 2 meters high. These animatronic dragons for hire are both fully mobile, their tails move, their mouths open and close, they roar and the eyes blink. They are truly magical and perfect for all kinda of event entertainment including children’s birthday party entertainment and adult party entertainment. They are especially suitable as enchanted forest themed entertainment, game of thrones entertainment, midsummers night dream entertainment, fairytale entertainment and much more! All of our animatronic creatures come with a guardian character to guide them around, encourage guest interaction and to crowd manage.

3 – Cirque Du Valerian

Having a circus extravangza! Then we have the the PERFECT act for you! Presenting, Cirque Du Valerian! The complete circus package! Book them all or just book specific characters or acts from the selection. This package is great as it really tailors to all party sizes. With an incredible array of skills we’ve got it all covered – from cheeky clown characters, majestic stilt walkers and ring masters to hula hoop artists, jugglers, unicyclists, contortionists, aerialists, acrobats and more! These acts don’t only do shows, they also do walkabout entertainment up-close and personal. Book our hula hooper with a hula hoop workshop and get your guests having a go, have our clowns performing up-close silly nonsense or book our circus stilt walkers as a meet and great to welcome your guests to your event. Non only are these acts great as circus themed entertainment, the Greatest Showman themed entertainment and Dumbo themed entertainment (you can also book Jumbo as circus elephant entertainment), but circus themed acts are a great all rounder if you don’t have a specific theme for your event and would simply like something really fun!

4 – The Enchanted Forest

We are notorious for our Enchanted Forest themed entertainment. Here at Valerian Entertainment we simply adore anything and everything fairytale and that’s why it gives us so much joy to deliver these acts to you. With a great selection of fairytale walkabout characters for hire and enchanted fairytale shows we’ve got the perfect package. Having a small event? Just look a couple of acts or having something larger? Book a full fairytale package and fully immerse your guests in what it means to be in a magical fairytale world. First up we’ve got our magical Flower Faires and Enchanted Elves. These whimsical characters specialise in up-close character entertainment – ever wanted to meet a real fairy, well now can! Fancy them a little taller? Book them as fairy stilt walkers and elven stilt walkers. We also have are fabulously towering stilt walking trees for hire. This act really is quite a mysterious and enchanting one at the same time. They are majestic, graceful and also very entertaining to watch. Another adorable character we have is our bubble fairy! Perfect for ambient bubble entertainment, meet and great bubble displays or for bubble shows. After something else for the stage? We have our pixie hula hooper who does wonderful multi-hula hoop stage shows in a beautiful pixie costume. We also have our enchanted contortionist, pixie fire eaters and Blaze the Dragon is the perfect accompaniment to any of these acts! All of these acts are a perfect pick for enchanted forest themed entertainment, enchanted ball themed entertainment, fairytale entertainment, midsummers night dream entertainment and much more!

5 – Fire Shows

Are you looking for some entertainment to truly blow your event out of the park? Our Valerian fire shows are one sure way to do just that! We specialise in high end, high impact fire extravaganzas! With beautiful fire dancers, fiery circus tricks and dazzling pyrotechnic effects, our shows really will make your event one to remember. Choose from solo, duo or trio fire performances or go even larger depending on the size of your event. Looking for something a little more relaxed? Book our fire performers to create an ambient glow as background entertainment at your event. Fire performers are also a great evening meet and great option, greeting your guests as they arrive with that warm welcoming glow. We have plenty of costumes to choose from to suit whatever kind of party you’re throwing. Some of our top picks are fairytale themed fire performers, circus themed fire performers, glitz n glam themed fire performers or suited and booted themed fire performers. Our birthday party fire shows are fully customisable to we can deliver the perfect show just for you at your birthday event!

6 – Roaming Characters

We LOVE our roaming characters. We are very aesthetic based and have the highest attention to details. We believe walkabout characters can really be the difference of making your event fully immersive. Getting up close and interacting with your guests makes them feel truly involved and will certainly create memories they will not soon forget. These characters are composed of silly banter, entertaining tricks and creating fantastic photo opportunities. We have so many characters to choose from but we’ve listed just some of our favourites above! Frosty the Unicorn and the Flower Fairies Rose, Sweet Pea and Lavender are great to bring a touch of magic to your event and as enchanted forest entertainment and fairytale entertainment. The Rococo Ladies are very well-to-do upmarket ladies of leisure with a sweet French accent and are a pure delight. They’re great for the slightly fancier themed events and as rococo entertainment, 17th and 18th century entertainment. Our Silent Movie characters really are a totally unique act. Painted black and white like a blast from the past, they’re look like they’re from an old Hollywood movie from the 1920s. This is a silent act which means the entertainment is in the over-dramatic gestures and gimmicks they perform. Having photos with these character truly looks and is mesmerising! We’ve got Alice in Underland which is effectively a slightly gothic take on the classic Alice in Wonderland entertainment. These characters are truly silly and full of nonsense! Watch the Hatter juggle his teacups and the Hare bimble around. A great selection when you want a slightly unique twist on Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment. Now we’ve got Blaze the Dragon has his very own Dragon Warriors! Book them with or without him to add a hint a apocalyptic presence to your event. They’re also available as apocalyptic stilt walkers! Next in our line-up, we’ve got Mr Toad’s Magical Menagerie! This is actually a full roaming cabaret but you can also book them as roaming characters without their special skills – read on to number 10 to find out more! Last but not least we’ve got the ARGHH Pirates! This eccentric duo have electric mini ships that they ride around on, hosting treasure hunts with the kids and interacting cheekily with the adults. These are perfect as children’s entertainment or as adult entertainment. No ship or sea is too wild for this bunch!

7 – Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers have long been an incredible way to entertain! With their towering presence and eye catching costumes, these characters are guaranteed to please. Whether you’re choosing to book a glittery showgirl stilt walker, a cheeky clown stilt walker, a majestic tree stilt walker or a bubbly fairy stilt walker, your guests will definitely be amused. All of our roaming characters are also available as stilt walkers so we have plenty more to choose from! Stilt walkers are great as mix and mingle entertainment and as meet and great entertainment too. We have costumes to suit all styles and all themes of birthday party and it’s always more fun when you have a few cheeky characters around to keep the party going..

8 – Real Life Mermaids

Have you ever thought of having mermaids at your birthday party? Well now you can! We have a selection of beautiful and highly realistic mermaid available for hire. With the highest quality mermaid tails, wigs and accessories, these sea goddesses really do look and act like the real deal! Enchant your guests with these magical sea maidens. They’re perfect for if you have your own swimming pool or decorated area for them to sit. Don’t have any of these options? Fear not as we can sort this for you. We have a giant clam our mermaids can sit on creating a magical aesthetic display or we have our Merquarium, a 7000 litre water tank we can bring to you and set up for our beautiful mermaids to swim and perform in. Now you can even see these creatures without having to get a single drop of water on you! We really do have the UK’s top and most realistic mermaid entertainment.

9 – Mr Toad’s Magical Menagerie

Mr Toad’s Magical Menagerie is one of our newest and most exciting acts! Mr Toad has his fantabulous cabaret cart that he drives around with his circus menagerie making stops throughout your event and setting up shop for mini circus shows! Highly interactive and aesthetically very impressive, this sight is bound to astonish. With an array from family friendly acts to slightly twisted freak shows, this act has something for every age group and every birthday party. Pick from our favourites; fire shows, hula hoop shows, sword swallowers, contortionists, acrobats, knife jugglers and more. If you’re having a slightly smaller party, no problem! Just book Toad, Ratty and Badger on their own with, or without the cart, or just pick the specific shows you’d like to see! This really is some never before seen party entertainment that is truly unique.

10 – LED Shows

Looking for a show that tech heavy and full of beautiful lights! We’ve got LED shows for suit all sizes of party! From solo LED hula-hoop shows to large scale pixel LED shows, we have something to light up your night! LED displays are an enchanting way to watch the combination of dance, flow and technology. We can even programme in company logos, pictures and names for that extra special birthday surprise! LED is also a great alternative for when you’re not allowed to have a fire performance at your event. Book your LED birthday shows here!

Haven’t seen quite what you’re after? Check out our acts section! We also take custom commissions so the possibilities are truly endless!

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog and let us know what you’d like to see next!

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