Best Theatrical Entertainment Packages for Corporate Parties

So you’re having a company party! A summer ball, a winter ball, an awards ceremony or any other type of corporate gala to thank you employees for their amazing hard work they’ve been putting in all year! We all know a company is nothing without it’s dedicated empoyeed so important to let them know that they’re special, they’re appreciated and that they really count! Remind your employees how fun and rewarding it is to work with your company. Read on to find out about the most enjoyable themes to indulge your employees in.. Welcome to our wonderland!

Our first and most notorious package is.. Cirque Du Valerian!

Circus entertainment is beatiful, captivating and timeless. Physical theatre is the first ever form of entertainment. It outdates cinemas and digital entertainment in every way. It was enjoyable then and it’s just as enjoyable present day! So introducing.. Cirque Du Valerian! Our very own in house circus entertainment package! From dazzling circus walkabouts acts to jaw-dropping world class circus shows, this package is guarenteed to impress. We have a selection of set circus show packages which are also fully customisable so we can tailor it to fit your event perfectly – no matter the size, no matter the capacity, booking your circus event entertainment has never been easier! See our promo video below!

This is just a taste of what we can deliver. We can supply any circus act, dress them beautifully and deliver a seamless show. Including and not limited to an animatronic elephant, a circus gorilla, hula hoopers, contortionists, aerialists, juggler, acrobats, knife throwers, cyr wheel artists, fire acts, LED shows, burlesque, singers, dancers and more!

Enchanted Forest

Fancy some slightly more ethereal enchanted entertainment? Delve into the magical forest. Encounter the mystical creatures, dance in the bubble garden, observe the secret skills of the pyro pixies and the gifted elves. Meet a dragon, a pack of fauns, a tree creature, mermaids and even meet the Sun and the Moon! Encounter the realm of mystery and magic like you never have before. Our enchanted entertainment is all homegrown and handmade, truly unique to us and the realm of the FAE. A perfect ambient addition to any relaxed event or upscale the energy and turn it in to a whole fairytale cabaret or prestigious stage show! See our Enchanted Forest promo below!

We hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as we did making it! We have so much magic inside us that we’d love to share with you. See our brochure to get a proper glimpse of all our fairytale acts and creature on offer. Our mystical FAE have no limits – they perform circus skills in such an elegant and refined way – hula hooping, contortion, aerial and more. We can dress any skills you like and mould it into pure fairytale magic. Why wouldn’t you want to book fairytale acts today?!

Alice in Wonderland

Onto another classic theme.. Alice in Wonderland! Alice in Wonderland entertainment is incredibly popular because it’s just so silly and fun! Just imagine. You enter the event and you’re greeted by security.. The playing cards! Odds are you’ll have to solve a riddle before you can pass. You encounter some talking flowers, the nonsense of the Mad Hatter, you witness the Cheshire Cat contort and find Alice is looking fer her friends. The Queen of Hearts is throwing knives at someone who’s wronged her dearly. You start to worry, but then! The white rabbit leads the way through the rabbit hole and into the dinner hall where a full evening Alice in Wonderland show takes place during dinner. Once dinner and the show is over, giant flamingoes roam the dance floor whilst the March Hare and The Mad Hatter dance on the tables. What an exciting world to wonder in to. Now you can see why it’s one of our favourites! Have this theme bright and colourful or have a more muted gothic option – a great variety to suit all styles.

Moulan Rouge

Onto another classic.. Le Moulan Rouge! An elegant and feathery theme to say the least. It’s all singing and all dancing. Indulge in beautiful costumes and of course.. An elephant! We simply love a bit of can can and a lot of sparkle! The Moulan Rouge is the PERFECT stage show. The feathery dancers are simply mesmerising and when mixed with adorned circus acts this really creates a beautiful show. Our favourite acts for Moulan Rouge has to include singers and dancers, hula hoopers, burlesque acts, aerialists and contortionists. Who wouldn’t want a true night of glamour and lust. See our event photos below!


As exciting as all of the above options are, we have a *BRAND NEW* very exciting package which is now complete and ready to shoot! Presenting.. Valerian Entertainment’s Carnival Collection! A true blast of colour, energy and a whole new level of aestetics! We really wanted to make this carnival entertainment package a feast for the eyes and we’ve had a great time doing so. We have an exciting array of characters and show costumes now complete. We’ve got our super bright birdy dance trio – a trio of dancing carnival birds – great for stage entertainment or generally roaming or podium dancing at an event creating incredible uplifting vibes. Next up we have our Rio inspired feather stilt walkers – HUGE impact stilt costumes with feathers as big as the room! Followed by some very colourful carnival jester style juggling duo costumes, rainbow hula hoop costumes, peacock inspired acrobatic and contortion costume and there’s more! Get in touch for some very special rates on this brand new package! Promo coming very soon! Sneak peak below..

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Thank you for taking the time read about our best theatrical entertainment packages for corporate parties! These are just our top picks but we also create bespoke custom packages too! To find out more – the best way to book is to pop us an email to with what you’d like, the date, location, times and any unique event details. We have so many options to choose from and we’re always excited to make more. We can’t wait to bring the magic to your event!

Want something you don’t see here? Get in touch! We take commissions and we can make anything you want! We can’t wait to hear from you so get in touch to book your entertainment this year!

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Haven’t seen quite what you’re after? Check out our acts section! We also take custom commissions so the possibilities are truly endless!


We create everything in-house here at Valerian Entertainment. If you’ve got an idea, a theme or a complete vision, we can create it. Get in touch to speak to one of our entertainment professionals and let us make your event sparkle and truly stand out above the rest.

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